Tubular Metal Halide Bulb

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Tubular Metal Halide Bulb

Our tubular metal halide bulb is a single-ended transparent metal halide lamp bulb. It meets European standard, and a variety of models can be selected to match the different needs of power consumption, ranging from 35W to 1000W. The unique tri-elements (sodium, indium and thallium) technology is used in our product to ensure high light efficiency during the entire service life. Meanwhile, the color of our bulb is natural white. Our product could also provide a consistent, stable lighting effect. The working position is +/- 20 degrees horizontally.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Length
Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current
Initial lumens (lm) Burning position Avg. life (hrs)
MH-35 E27 T38 156 85 0.53 2500 U 6000
MH-50 T38 156 85 0.68 3400 U 8000
MH-70 T38 156 85 0.98 5600 U 10000
MH-100 E27/E40 T38/T46 180/210 100 1.1 8000 U 10000
MH-150 T38/T46 180/210 95 1.8 12000 U 10000
MH-250 E40 T46 260 125 2.15 20000 U 10000
MH-400 T46 275 125 3.8 36000 U 10000
MH-600 TT65 330 125 5.3 58000 U 10000
MH-1000 E39 BT180 396 263 4.1 110000 U 6000

Our metal halide bulb can be used on the electrical systems of mercury and sodium lamps in sport stadium, construction sites and ports. With the unique low pulse trigger design from Philips, our product could be triggered by a low voltage to provide additional safety.

Our light source needs to be used in closed fixtures in order to prevent the discharge tube from rupture at the end of its service life. The lamp base varies in E27, E40 and E39, while the length is at least 156mm, up to 396mm. The input voltage can be from 85 to 263V. The service time also ranges from 6,000 hours to 10,000 hours. You can purchase the right model based on your actual demand.

As a specialized tubular metal halide bulb manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers double ended metal halide bulb, high lumen efficiency E27/E40 HPS bulb, flood light fixture, and capacitor, among others.

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