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Elliptical Metal Halide Bulb

Our elliptical metal halide light bulb is a kind of scandium sodium metal halide lamp bulb. Adopted the quartz discharge tube filled with high pressure mercury and sodium scandium halides, our product could achieve a high luminous efficiency up to 90lm / W. The working position can be any position as you wish.

Our product features a good light color consistency, thus it can effectively avoid the uneven distribution of color caused by light color drift. The base of our product can be selected from E26 and E39, while the bulb model can be selected from ED54, ED90, ED120 and others. The power consumption also ranges from 35W to 1000W to meet the different needs of customers. Our light bulb also enjoys a long service life from 6000 hours to 10,000 hours. In addition, coated bulb shell can be used to obtain a soft light effect. Our metal halide light bulb is suitable for industrial lighting, commercial lighting and floodlighting, etc.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Length
Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current
Initial lumens (lm) Burning position Avg. life (hrs)
MH-35 E26 ED54 138 85 0.53 2500 U 6000
MH-50 ED54 138 85 0.68 3400 U 8000
MH-70 ED54 138 85 0.98 5600 U 10000
MH-100 ED54 138 100 1.1 8000 U 10000
MH-150 ED54 138 95 1.8 12000 U 10000
MH-175 E39 ED90 211 132 1.5 14000 U 10000
MH-250 ED90 211 133 2.15 21000 U 10000
MH-400 ED120 292 135 3.25 36000 U 10000
MH-600 BT/ED120 292 135 4.93 58000 U 10000
MH-1000 BT180 396 263 4.1 110000 U 6000

Our company is a China-based elliptical metal halide bulb manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as metal halide fishing bulb, blended mercury vapor bulb, and high lumen efficiency E27/E40 HPS bulb.

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