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70W ceramic metal halide lamp R7S G12 ceramic metal halide lamp 70W

Our ceramic metal halide lamp features a high color rendering performance, which the color rendering index could exceed 90, and excellent luminous efficiency, which can be up to 95lm/W. The ultra-high lumen of our product could be 18% to 20% higher than conventional quartz metal halide, while the energy consumption is 14% to 20% lower.

The service time of our ceramic metal halide lamp is 20000 hours long, in which the 12,000 hours Lumen Maintenance can be up to 80%. In addition, our product also features good color stability. The color temperature and color rendering of our product could remain unchanged during the whole lifetime.

The arc tube shell of our product is made from translucent alumina ceramic, which has a high luminous efficiency, good color, compact structure and stable performance. The lamp base can be G12, R7S, E27 and E40 for different demand option, while the input voltage is 90V. Our metal halide lamp also features a quick start. It can be widely used as indoor decorative lighting in store, hotel lobby and all types of building.

Technical Specification
Model Base Lamp voltage ( V ) Lamp current
Initial lumens (l m ) Color index (Ra) Avg. li fe (hrs)
CM H-35 R7S/G12/E27 90 0.53 3300 85+ 12000
CM H-70 R7S/G12/E27 90 0.98 6300 85+ 12000
CM H-150 R7S/G12/E27 95 1.8 13500 85+ 12000
CMH-250 E40 125 2.15 22500 85+ 12000
CMH-400 E40 125 3.8 36000 85+ 12000

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