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Metal Halide Fishing Bulb

Our metal halide fishing bulb features an ultra high power and high luminous flux to attract fish. Two types of halide lamp can be selected for either underwater or on board. With a quartz shell, our product could withstand high temperature and water-splash. It features an anti-burst function to provide enhanced safety as well. The light color can be chosen from white and green. Our product could effectively attract fish; therefore reduce the cost of fishing.

Our company offers two models with power of 100W and 2000W respectively. The metal halide bulb adopts a base of E39 and E40. The average service life of the products reaches 3,500 hours. Meanwhile, this series of product meets ANSI and IEC standards, thus the quality can be guaranteed.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Length
Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current
Initial lumens (lm) Working position Avg. life (hrs)
(ANSI Standard Lamp)
MH-1500 E39 BT180 396 268 6.2 155000 U 3500
MH-2000 BT180 396 263 8.3 210000 U 3500
(IEC Standard Lamp)
MH-1500 E40 TT75 350 125 12.5 130000 U 3500
MH-2000 TT100 360 240 9.2 170000 U 3500

We are an experienced metal halide fishing bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including mercury vapor lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, flood light fixture, and more.

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