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Double Ended Metal Halide Bulb

Our double ended metal halide light bulb features a longer life span of 10,000 hours compared with halogen lamps. The working position can be +/- 45 degrees from level. Meanwhile, our product features UV protection to slow down the aging rate and avoid possible fading of the plastic pieces inside. Our product should be used with a hard glass cover, while the power supply should stay within -8% - +6% of the rated voltage to ensure the stability of our product and keep a long service time. Our product can be widely used in commercial lighting, ambient lighting and flood lighting.

The restart time of our double ended halide light bulb is 15 minutes. Our product can be horizontally installed. With a compact size, our product could provide a uniform lighting for a large area. The diameter of our product varies in 20mm and 23mm.

Technical Specification
Model Base Diameter(mm) Length (mm) Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Initial lumens (lm) Working position Avg. life (hrs) Remarks
MH-DE35 R7S 20 120 85 0.53 2500 H±45°    4000 UV-STOP
MH-DE50 20 120 85 0.68 3400 H±45°    5000 UV-STOP
MH-DE70 20 120 85 0.98 5300 H±45°    10000 UV-STOP
MH-DE100 20 138 100 1.1 8000 H±45°    7000 UV-STOP
MH-DE150 23 138 95 1.8 12500 H±45°    10000 UV-STOP
MH-DE250 FC2 25 163 132 2.15 20000 H±45°    6000 UV-STOP
MH-DE400 30 205 132 3.25 36000 H±45°    6000 UV-STOP

As a specialized double ended metal halide bulb manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide ceramic metal halide bulb, inner ignition high pressure sodium bulb, flood light fixture, and electronic ignitor, among others.

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