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G12 Metal Halide Light Bulb

Our G12 metal halide light bulb features an UV protection to slow down the aging rate and avoid possible fading of the plastic pieces inside. With a G12 base, our product also features the compact design and narrow light source to provide a concentrated lighting effect. Our product is suitable for commercial lighting, ambient lighting and flood lighting. The service time of our product also ranges from 4000 to 10000 hours.

In addition, the power supply should be in -8% to +6% fluctuation of the rated voltage to ensure the stability of the product and provide a longer service time. Our metal halide light bulb could be restarted in 15 minutes.

Technical Specification
Model Base Lamp Voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Initial lumens (lm) Avg. life (hrs) Remarks
MH-35/U G12 20 96 85 0.53 2500 4000 UV-STOP
MH-50/U 20 96 85 0.68 3400 5000 UV-STOP
MH-70/U 20 96 85 0.98 5300 10000 UV-STOP
MH-100/U 23 104 100 1.1 7500 7000 UV-STOP
MH-150/U 23 104 95 1.8 12000 10000 UV-STOP

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