PAR30/PAR38 Metal Halide Bulb

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PAR30/PAR38 Metal Halide Bulb

Our PAR30/PAR38 metal halide PAR lamp features a high color rendering and higher light output to offer an outstanding performance of goods. You could enhance your sales with our products. Meanwhile, the constant bright light could ensure the same display of your products. With a high light efficiency, our halide lamp also enjoys a long life of 5000 hours to reduce maintenance costs.

In addition, our PAR lamp features a lower heat radiation. The simplified design also makes installation and maintenance very easy. Adopted with UV protection, our PAR lamp could effectively reduce the fading of your products.

Our halide PAR lamp is suitable to create an elegant white lighting atmosphere for merchandise display. It can also be used in office, public area, open fixtures and outdoors to act as decorative lighting. It is a good choice for retail stores, restaurants, hotels and galleries.

Technical Specification
Model BaseBulb Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Beam spread Avg. life (hrs)
MH-50/PAR E27PAR30 97 125 85 0.68 10°/40° 5000
MH-70/PAR PAR30 97 125 85 0.98 10°/40° 5000
MH-100/PAR PAR38 121 136 100 1.1 10°/40° 5000
MH-150/PAR PAR38 121 136 95 1.8 10°/40° 5000

NBSLS is a China-based PAR30/PAR38 metal halide bulb manufacturer and supplier. Apart from metal halide lamp, we also offer flood light fixture, mercury vapor lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, and more.

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