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Color Light Metal Halide Bulb

Our color metal halide bulb is a kind of single-ended lamp. Its quartz discharge tube is filled with mercury and thallium, indium, sodium and lithium halide to form different colors of red, green, blue and purple. Compared with other color lights with expensive optical filter material, our color light halide bulb could achieve a higher luminous efficiency. With a straight transparent glass bulb, our light source needs to be installed in closed fixtures in order to prevent rupture of the tube at the end of its life. Our product can be widely used in landscape lighting, plant lighting and lighting in theme parks.

The average life of our color bulbs could reach 5,000 hours. Therefore, the cost is comparatively low in such a long lifespan. The power of our products ranges from 70W to 400 watts.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current
Color option Avg. life (hrs)
MH-70/U R7s/E27/G12 T6/ED54/T38/T7 85 0.98 G/B/R/V 5000
MH-100/U T6/ED54/T38/T7 100 1.1 G/B/R/V 5000
MH-150/U T6/ED54/T38/T7 85 1.8 G/B/R/V 5000
MH-175/U E40 T46/ED90 125 1.8 G/B/R/V 5000
MH-250/U T46/ED90 125 2.15 G/B/R/V 5000
MH-400/U T46/ED120/TO46 125 3.25 G/B/R/V 5000
MH-1000/U TT65/BT180 125 9.5 G/B/R/V 5000

Our company is a specialized color light metal halide bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including high pressure mercury vapor bulb, electronic ignitor, flood light fixture, and more.

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