American Standard E26/E39 High Pressure Sodium Vapor Bulb

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American Standard E26/E39 High Pressure Sodium Bulb

Our American standard E27/E40 high pressure sodium lamp features an extreme high luminous efficiency of 120000 lumens and long service life of 20,000 hours. It is made according to the American standard. With a polycrystalline alumina ceramic tube, our product could effectively reduce the escape of sodium element during working. The strong structure of our product with few joints helps to provide a good anti-vibration and shock absorption performance. Early failure is further reduced and the service time is greatly extended.

In addition, the lumen maintenance is greater for our high pressure sodium lamp. The color temperature is 2000K. Meanwhile, the base of our product can be selected from E26 and E39. For its great performance, our product is widely accepted by customers all over the world.

Technical Specification
Model BaseBulb Length (mm) Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Lumens flux (lm) Color temp (K) Avg. life (hrs)
HPS-LU50 E26 ED54 145 52 1.18 3200 2000 12000
HPS-LU70 ED54 145 52 1.6 5800 2000 14000
HPS-LU100 ED54 145 55 2.1 9000 2000 16000
HPS-LU150 ED54 145 55 3.2 15000 2000 20000
HPS-LU250 E39 ED90 228 100 3 26000 2000 24000
HPS-LU400 ED120 292 100 4.6 47000 2000 24000
HPS-LU600 ED120 292 105 5.8 72000 2000 20000
HPS-LU1000 ET80 375 250 4.7 120000 2000 20000

We are a specialized American standard E26/E39 high pressure sodium Bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including blended mercury vapor bulb, capacitor, ceramic metal halide bulb, etc.

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