High Lumen Efficiency E27/E40 HPS Bulb

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High Lumen Efficiency E27/E40 HPS Bulb

Our high lumen efficiency E27/E40 HPS bulb features a luminous efficiency , which is about 20lm/W more than ordinary high-pressure sodium lamp. Meanwhile, our product adopts polycrystalline alumina ceramic tube to reduce the escape of sodium in its lifespan. The average service time could reach 24,000 hours.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Length (mm) Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Lumens flux (lm) Color temp (K) Avg. life (hrs)
HPS-70 E27 T38 155 90 0.98 6500 2100 18000
HPS-100 T38 155 100 1.2 10700 2100 18000
HPS-150 T38 180 100 1.8 17500 2100 24000
HPS-250 E40 T46 257 100 3 33000 2100 24000
HPS-400 T46 285 100 4.6 55000 2100 24000
HPS-600 T46 290 105 5.8 90000 2100 24000
HPS-1000 TT65 396 110 10.3 140000 2100 20000

With less welding points, our HPS bulb also features a strong structure, good anti-vibration and shock absorption. Early failures are greatly reduced and the service time is further extended. In addition, the lumen maintenance rate of our product is quite high, thus the lighting effect of our product will keeping almost unchanged in its lifespan.

The color temperature of our HPS bulb is 2100K, while the luminous flux ranges from 6500 to 140000 lumens. The power consumption varies from 70W to 1000W based on different models. The base of our product can be selected from E27 or E40 to meet your requirements. Our product is suitable for road lighting, industrial lighting, indoor and outdoor sports facilities lighting. In addition, it is also widely used for plant growth lighting.

NBSLS is a professional high lumen efficiency E27/E40 HPS bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides double ended R7S high pressure sodium bulb, Philips series magnetic ballast, ceramic metal halide bulb, and more.

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