Double Arc Tube High Pressure Sodium Vapor Bulb

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Double Arc Tube High Pressure Sodium Bulb

Our double arc tube high pressure sodium light bulb features a reasonable structural. When the service life of one sodium pipe is over, another sodium tube will work instead. Thus the total service time of our product could be 24000 hours to 36000 hours, which is at least 12,000 hours more than ordinary single-tube high-pressure sodium lamp.

In addition, our product adopts polycrystalline alumina ceramic tube to reduce the escape of sodium element during working. Meanwhile, our product can be started very quickly. The power consumption of our product varies from 50W to 1000W. Our high pressure sodium light bulb is suitable for the place where maintenance is difficult or maintenance cost is high.

Technical Specification
Model BaseBulb Length (mm) Lamp voltage (V) Lamp current (A) Lumens flux (lm) Color temp (K) Avg. life (hrs)
HPS-50 E27 T38 155 85 0.76 3200 2000 24000
HPS-70 T38 155 90 0.98 5800 2000 28000
HPS-100 T38 155 100 1.2 9000 2000 32000
HPS-150 T38 180 100 1.8 15000 2000 36000
HPS-250 E40 ED90/T46 228/257 100 3 26000 2000 36000
HPS-400 ED120/T46 292/285 100 4.6 47000 2000 36000
HPS-600 ED120/T46 292/290 105 5.8 72000 2000 36000
HPS-1000 TT65 396 110 10.3 120000 2000 36000

As a China-based double arc tube high pressure sodium bulb manufacturer and supplier, we also offer American standard E26/E39 high pressure sodium Bulb, flood light fixture, blended mercury vapor bulb, magnetic ballast, and much more.

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