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High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp

Our high pressure mercury vapor lamp features a white light with color temperature of 4100K. Adopted with a vanadium yttrium phosphate coated bulb, our product could achieve a high luminous efficiency as well as anti-glare function. Meanwhile, the structure of our high pressure mercury vapor lamp is simple, while the cost is low. Our product could directly replace traditional incandescent in road lighting and industrial lighting.

The power consumption of our mercury vapor lamp ranges from 50W to 1000W. The The lamp base can be selected from E27 and E40. The service time of our product could be as long as 10000 hours. Thus it is a good choice to reduce your cost.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Length (mm) Lamp current (A) Lumens (lm) Color temp (K) Color index (Ra) Avg. Life (hrs)
HPM-50 E27 E70 163 0.62 1800 4500 40 8000
HPM-80 E70 163 0.85 3500 4500 40 8000
HPM-125 E75 175 1.25 6000 4200 40 10000
HPM-250 E40 ED90 211 2.15 12500 4200 40 10000
HPM-400 ED120 292 3.25 22000 4200 40 10000
HPM-1000 BT180 396 7.5 54000 4200 40 8000

As a professional high pressure mercury vapor bulb manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides blended mercury vapor bulb, flood light fixture, ceramic metal halide bulb, and more.

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