Blended Mercury Vapor Bulb

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Blended Mercury Vapor Bulb

Our blended mercury vapor light bulb features simple structure. The bulb consists of a limiting filament and quartz arc tube. The limiting filament could act as both ballast and a light source, thus no external ballast is needed. Our product produces a soft white light, whose color temperature is 4200K. In addition, our product could directly replace ordinary light bulbs in road lighting and industrial lighting.

Meanwhile, our blended mercury vapor light bulb also features a fast start. The cost of our product is low while the average service life is 5000 hours. Thus our product could save you a lot in maintenance costs.

Technical Specification
Model Base Bulb Length (mm) Lumens (lm) Color temp (K) Color index (Ra) Avg. Life (hrs)
HMB-160 E27 E75 175 3000 4200 ≥ 45 5000
HMB-250 E27/E40 ED90 211/225 5300 4200 ≥45 5000
HMB-500 E40 ED120 292 12200 4200 ≥45 5000

As a specialized blended mercury vapor bulb manufacturer and supplier in China, NBSLS offers a broad range of products, including high pressure mercury vapor bulb, high lumen efficiency E27/E40 HPS bulb, electronic ignitor, etc.

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