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Electronic Ignitor

Our electronic ignitor features four working modes, which are non-dimming, manual-dimming, full auto-dimming and remote-controllable dimming. Our product is specially designed to fit the voltage specification all over the world. The start time of our product is shorter than 2 seconds. Meanwhile, the start current of our product is only half of working current, while the start voltage is 165V (for 220V models) or 90V (for 120V models). Therefore, the service time of our product could be ensured even when our product is frequently turned on/off.

In addition, the power factor of our electronic ignitor is 0.99. The power output is quite stable when the fluctuation of input voltage is within 15%. With a long line driven function, our product could be installed up to 18 meters far from the lamp. Our product also features low total harmonic distortion, which is below 8%. The operation temperature of our ignitor is -25℃ to +50℃.

Technical Specification
Model Input voltage (V) Start voltage (V) Cut-off voltage (V) Peak voltage (Kv) Purse width (us) Capacity load (PF) Working temp (℃) Applicable lamp
CD-2 220-240 ≤185 ≥165 4-5 ≥1 ≤1500 ≤85 70W-400W
CD-3 220-240 ≤185 ≥165 4-5 ≥1 ≤2000 ≤85 400W-1000W
CD-7 220-240 ≤185 ≥165 4-5 ≥1 ≤300 ≤90 35W-400W

Both plastic shell and aluminum shell are available for each model.

As a specialized electronic ignitor manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a vast range of products, including magnetic ballast, flood light fixture, high pressure mercury vapor bulb, tubular metal halide bulb, and much more.

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